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This is a difficult, unpleasant and inconvenient job but legislation, insurance and EHO compliance all stipulate that kitchen extract systems must be regularly inspected and cleaned to minimise fire risks.  The following table outlines the minimum recommended cleaning intervals according to the HVCA’s TR/19 best practice guidance.

Kitchen Extract Cleaning



The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations require building owners and managers to ensure that enclosed workplaces are properly ventilated and that ventilation Duct Work Cleaning, inspection and maintenance are carried out at least once every two years.

CEC provide a full Ductwork cleaning service including inspections and filter cleaning to ensure your building is clean and safe for all occupants.

All CEC specialist duct and ductwork cleaning is carried out in accordance with the standards laid down in the Heating and Ventilation Contractors Association’s (HVCA) fully approved Industry Standard of Excellence TR19.


There is strict legislation in place to ensure that regular deep cleaning of canopies takes place and that it is done by a professional company.  Regular canopy cleaning will remove the build-up of grease and dust which can become a breeding ground for mould and bacteria and pose a significant health risk to employees and diners.  It will also minimise the possibility of attracting vermin to your commercial kitchen and reduce the risk of fire.

CEC have the experience, the tools and the know how to leave your canopy clean and hygienic and compliant with insurance requirements.


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